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  • Donate Using PayPal:
    Make a One Time Donation:

     Or Become a Monthly Supporter of Novato School Fuel:

Donation Options
  •  Donate Using JustGive:

 A secure online donation may be made to School Fuel’s unrestricted fund through the foundation’s non-profit partner The donation will still be tax-deductible as allowed by law, and donors will be emailed confirmation of the donation, and you have the option of remaining anonymous. Just Give will deduct 4.5% from the donation to cover the cost of the transaction.

  • Donate a Vehicle:

  School Fuel accepts donations of used vehicles. Donate For Charity arranges a free vehicle pickup, handles all the DMV issues, sells the vehicle at auction, and distributes the net proceeds to School Fuel. So if it’s time to replace an older car, or if a boat and trailer are just taking up space in the garage, consider making a donation. Donors will avoid the headache of selling a used vehicle and receive a receipt for a tax deduction.

Donors ready to donate vehicles, should simply call Donate For Charity toll-free at (866) 392-4483 or donate online at

  • Donate through the E-Scrip School Partner Program:


Now it’s easy to support School Fuel! Simply sign up with E-Scrip and donations will be made to  support School Fuel with absolutely no cost to the donor!  EScrip is a simple, safe, and secure way to support School Fuel.

  • To sign up, go to, and complete the on-line registration.
    If internet access is not available, paper forms are available. Particiapants may include all credit, debit, gas and grocery store credit cards. Be sure to indicate that School Fuel is the non-profit organization of choice (Group ID number 500001358).
  • After signing up, make purchases as normal using the registered cards.  Every time a registered card is used at participating stores a percentage of the purchases will be donated to School Fuel. A complete list of participating merchants is available online on the e-scrip homepage. Lucky and Save-Mart,  Matt & Jeff’s, and Nugget Markets also participate, in addition to many other merchants!
  • This is FREE money for Novato schools!

              Participation in this program will help ALL of Novato’s Students!

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