School Fuel’s mission is to support and enrich the education available to every student in the Novato Unified School District by raising funds, encouraging volunteerism and increasing community awareness of student and district needs.

School Fuel supports public education in Novato by raising funds for programs essential to a well-balanced, stimulating and quality education. School Fuel serves as the primary district-wide nonprofit fundraising organization for the Novato Unified School District (NUSD), and works in partnership with the schools, parents and local businesses to identify and support programs that benefit all students in the district.

School Fuel encourages volunteers from every part of the community to become involved in the education of Novato’s youth. By having Novato residents work with Novato’s public schools, School Fuel supports not only the education of young people, but also the vitality of Novato.

School Fuel also works to provide information to the residents of Novato about public school funding and school district accountability to the State and Federal governments, as well as the intricate structure of funding and expenditures within the Novato Unified School District. 


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