Local Education Foundations (LEF)


A local education foundation (LEF) is a citizen-led, non-profit organization that raises private dollars to complement existing school budgets and encourages community involvement in local schools.

Well-funded and operated LEFs benefit public education systems in three very important ways:

  1. they provide a centralized and focused fundraising entity that can attract donations not only from parents and small and/or local businesses, but also from large corporations, individuals without school-aged children, and private and public foundations, thus resulting in more efficient and more successful fundraising;
  2. they increase parent and community involvement in the school system; and
  3. they can provide a unified and very powerful voice for parents and the community at large in identifying areas of need and advocating for positive change.

School Fuel, similar to most LEFs throughout California, is autonomous and independent from all school based organizations, including each school site, each PTA/PTSA, the NUSD Board and the NUSD Administration. However, in order to function at its highest potential, the LEF has a close working relationship with all of these stakeholders, as well as with the community at large. An LEF is guided by its own set of Bylaws and a diverse Board drawn, in the case of School Fuel, from the community here in Novato. For more information about education foundations, go to: http://www.cceflink.org/.

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